Where to Go on Boxing Day in Sydney?


Boxing Day is a time for relaxed fun with family and friends, and after all the craziness and indulgence of the Christmas season, it can be tempting to opt-out of celebrating entirely! However, we should all resist the urge to crawl up in the air conditioning and eat leftovers because life only gives us so many opportunities to truly celebrate and let go of everything for a little pure enjoyment. Shake up how you spend your Boxing Day by taking advantage of this wonderful, exciting city and all that it has to offer. A few ideas for a fun-filled Boxing Day this year include…

Watch The Sydney To Hobart Race

The Sydney to Hobart race is one of the most iconic moments of the year, and its great fun to watch set off on your Boxing Day morning. Pack the snacks, games and a cheeky beverage to watch the race start in style. Local lookout points, parks, Manly Beach and Circular Quay are all perfect spots to sit back and witness the amazing sight of all those boats racing off out to sea. Just remember the sun cream and water, you don’t want to put yourself at risk in the summer sun!

Take A Harbour Cruise

Looking for an experience to make witnessing the start of the Sydney to Hobart race all the more spectacular? Well, look no further! A boxing day cruise out on the Sydney Harbour is the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season. You’ll float along with crystal clear views of the sparkling harbour, striking bridge and amazing Opera House as the race’s backdrop – not too shabby, right? What’s more, your cruise can be catered with delicious nibbles, stocked with a full-blown bar and you might even enjoy a little live entertainment. There’s no better way to spend Boxing Day.

Watch The Cricket

The cricket on Boxing Day is a classic Aussie tradition, but why not step it up a notch this year? Head to your local pub to watch the sport in a bustling, social environment. Bring along the family and your buddies for a truly social affair. You’ll enjoy crisp cold drinks, delicious pub food and some great scenery (depending on where you pick, of course!). Head to establishments such as The Oaks or The Sheaf for an amazing day out in Sydney.

Head To The Movies

A lot of great movies debut on Boxing Day, so the cinema might just be the perfect place to spend a chilled day out. This is particularly great if you have smaller children or you can’t quite stand the heat any longer. The cinema is the perfect compromise between lazing at home and going for an action-packed day out, so if your family has split opinions, opt for this one.

Climb The Harbour Bridge

Yes, you can actually climb the Harbour Bridge on Boxing Day! If you love an adrenaline-filled adventure, then this is the one for you. Get a group together and scale the bridge if you’ve never done it or you’re only in Sydney for a quick visit. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and having a view of all the action on the harbour makes it that little bit extra special. Phew, it’s overwhelming when you really look at all the options you have for a great time out on Boxing Day in Sydney!  Be sure to consult the whole family in order to come up with something that everyone is keen on doing, you don’t want anyone to feel put out on your special outing!
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