Which Degrees Do Employers Value The Most?


We live in a world of rapid technological advancement and cut-throat competition. A world where the mantra is the survival of the fittest. To establish your ground in the business sphere of today, it is essential that you are equipped with the right skills for the right job. In this event, it becomes imperative for students who want to achieve their professional goals to build a strong foundation with an undergraduate degree. An undergraduate degree is the minimum qualification required to step into the professional sphere.

If you are at the junction in life where you have to decide which undergraduate program is the best for you, you can take a look at the list of degrees mentioned below, which are held in high regard by employers.

Computer Science and Information Systems (CIS)

One of the most sought-after undergraduate streams is that of computer science and information systems. CIS has become a rapidly-growing field in technological science, more so, because it combines the knowledge of computer science and information technology and brings them under the same umbrella. In a CIS undergraduate degree, you will learn about software and application development, cybersecurity, multimedia design, digital forensics and more. If you have a knack for all things technological, then an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Information Systems could be the ideal choice for you.

Business Communication

Mass communication and media are becoming an increasingly popular choice for students who want to pursue an undergraduate degree. Add business-related concepts to that, and you have a winner. An undergraduate degree in business communication can be a good idea if you are interested in the amalgamation of media and business. The program helps students gain expert knowledge in areas such as visual communication, marketing management, contemporary literature, media and government, social media and more, giving students a broad perspective of the business world. Furthermore, it helps them to become more relevant in the professional scenario.

Business and Management

An undergraduate program of business and management helps students develop the necessary skills to be job-ready in a business setting. Students learn about the various facets of business such as entrepreneurship, finance, business law, marketing, human resources management, project management, strategy building, international business and more. With an in-depth understanding of these concepts, it becomes easier for students to acquire jobs with reputed organizations, especially since management professionals are always in demand.

Accounting and Finance

Skilled professionals in the field of accounting and finance are witnessing an increase in demand, especially since many new roles are being created within the industry. An undergraduate degree in accounting and finance can train students to be job-ready for entering fields such as investment banking, auditing, consulting, financial management and more. Furthermore, students can gain in-depth knowledge of business management and accounting functions and understand how to practically implement the theories in real-business scenarios.

Undergraduate programs can help you get an entry-level job in the relevant field. It is one of the basic requirements for catalysing your professional growth. If you aim to become a successful professional, you can kick-start your career with undergraduate courses. Research about your preferred program and enrol for the degree that best suits your professional goals

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