Why Alcohol Free Perfumes are Good

alcohol free perfumes

There are various kinds of perfumes available in the market. They also come in varied versions of alcoholic and non alcoholic perfumes. Now the question is, are both the varieties good for human skin? One needs to be very sure about the fragrance they are using on their skin.

There are many alcohol free perfumes for men in India but before trying them one should have a clear idea that why they need to go for an alcohol free perfume and what are the good things about using them. Here are some ideas:

Alcohol free perfumes are long lasting

The perfumes which are alcohol free do not have a fast rate of evaporation because of the obvious reason that it does not contain any alcohol. So, they last longer and keep on going more subtly. In fact there are some good alcohol free perfumes which when applied on skin can last as long as 14 to 18 hours.

Non alcoholic perfumes come with small pack

If one does not have a basic idea on how to differentiate between alcoholic and non alcoholic perfumes then one definitely needs to check the pricing and the bottling of the perfumes. As the non alcoholic perfumes mostly are made from pure perfume oils they are always packed in small bottles unlike the alcoholic perfumes which are available in different shapes and sizes. Pure perfumes are also said to be more cost effective as the aroma lasts longer.

 Try knowing about the oil concentration

Whenever one buys a perfume a good perfume has to have oil concentration as the main ingredient. The better the oil concentration, the better is the quality of the perfume. So, the highly concentrated perfumes come along with the high quality fragrances and they mainly have at least 15 to 30 percent of perfume oils. Also the balance of water and perfume oil also balance the mixture. When alcohol is present in the perfume, it may make the perfume smell stronger but at the same time it evaporates fast.

See if your perfume is refreshing

The non alcoholic perfumes mostly come with soothing fragrances and that is why they are mostly long lasting. They also have very fresh features and they are eco friendly. The alcoholic perfumes are never eco friendly and they have lesser fragrance.

Alcoholic performs are not skin friendly 

This is because they can cause irritation and drying and sometimes it can also cause some reactions on the sensitive skin. On the other hand the non alcoholic presumes are simple and clean and they do not contain any kind of commercial aromas.

Alcohol free perfumes are always beneficial

This is because they are more pleasing to the skin and senses and they are long lasting. One can also check the ingredients present there before buying them.

There are many non alcoholic perfume brands available in the market and also in the only online sites. One can research well before buying them. Buying and using them on a regular basis is any day a better and a safe idea.

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