Why Brands And Logos Are Everything In Online Casino Gaming

 There was once a time when the biggest brands in the casino industry were those of the games themselves. Poker, blackjack and roulette were renowned staples of the industry and little additional marketing was required.

Instead, resources were invested in the branding and marketing of the casinos. Operators conveyed the glamour and excitement of their facility through branding on external signage, advertising, marketing and, in more recent years, in online marketing.

But the industry’s digital pivot has changed all of that and game-brand is now more important than ever before. In this article, we will explore why brands and logos have become so important in online casino gaming.

Breadth of choice

Unlike in years gone by, there are multiple variations freely available for practically every casino game. Of course, games like bingo have long been adapted to offer something new to players, and the latest online bingo games like slingo and jackpot bingo show how that trend is continuing. But it’s games like poker and blackjack that have undergone the biggest branding changes.

For example, there are now many different ways to enjoy blackjack. Often the difference between each version is the size of the stake required, but sometimes the rules are modified or new ways to win are added to provide a fresh twist on the action.

It’s in these instances where branding is so important. The game’s logo, name and even the colours used can articulate what makes a game special or, in other words, why it’s much more than just a standard game of blackjack. This is a major departure from the old days, where games carried very little additional branding.

It’s very much the same for roulette, where operators often offer new ways to win and fresh interpretations of the game’s rules, and communicate these changes in the branding and logos used. It’s no longer enough to let the games just speak for themselves.

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

Competitive marketplace

Casino gaming has always been a competitive industry, but the sector’s move online has made it easier than ever for new companies to enter the marketplace. Established names battle with disruptive start-ups for the biggest market share, and so logos and branding have become even more important. It’s the same story in other industries. The most successful start-ups have generally utilized powerful, imaginative brands and logos to generate interest.


Established names may seek to communicate their authority and reputation in the marketplace through the selection of classic fonts and traditional casino colours, while newcomers to the industry are more likely to experiment with modern styles and more unusual colour combinations. Many newcomers also seek to corner a niche in the market, such as the growing esports betting marketplace, and the logo and brand they utilize is crucial to articulating that particular specialism.

In a marketplace that’s constantly evolving, achieving stand-out for your brand is more difficult than ever, so it’s easy to understand why operators in the casino sector are making their logo and brand a key priority in their overall growth strategy.

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