Why Creativity, and Creatives, Can Be Your Business’ Best Asset

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The fact of the matter is machine learning, automation and AI are replacing a number of the roles that used to be performed by humans. There are now large swathes of jobs that are, if not redundant, the simply performed better by technology. Those who love to propagate Doomsday scenarios will tell you that it won’t be long before we are all unemployed, but they are missing the point. While machines are increasing able to replicate what we have already done, they do not have the capability to create what we will create in the future, and herein lies the human USP. And the human USP will be your business’ USP. Here’s how:

You can’t automate creativity

Automation works wonders for the types of tasks that need to be performed regularly and in a similar way each time, and of course this includes a huge number of activities. However, you cannot automate the production of a yet-to-be-conceived painting, or produce a yet-to-be -written novel, or design a kitchen. That is because these are creative endeavours which are formed in human minds which are all unique – formed individually from a blend of genetics and experience. If the randomness of our thoughts truly could be automated, then we might give the naysayers some credence.

A new vision

Likewise, machines can replicate what we have already conceived, and make the process more efficient, but they cannot invent a new process in the way that the human mind visualizes a problem and creates a solution.

“Machines cannot invent an ethos any more than people can continue to work 24-7-365 as per a machine: our capabilities are not the same, and that’s what sets us apart,” argues Malcolm Goldman, a business writer at StateOfWriting and BigAssignments.

Bring your USP into the market

We may choose a software solution because if offers us capabilities that no other software can provide (until the multitude of copycats inevitably arrive on the market as a lower cost). And yet that software didn’t invent itself, it all came from the mind of one individual, or a group of people who brainstormed together.

“It is human creativity that conceives the idea long before the software was developed to give us the capacity to achieve wat we set out to achieve,” enthuses Barb Winters, a project manager at Academized and Paper Fellows.

The ability to solve problems

And so it is with any type of software or machine which seeks to solve a problem. It was the creativity of a person who envisaged the capacity to solve the issue and facilitated the design of the technology which can resolve it, not the other way around. For as long as that is the case – even with the ability of machine learning and AI to mimic what we have set up – then humans will remain the

The ability to bring a fresh perspective to proceedings

And where is a machine when a new perspective is required to a business that has gone stale? Or what about when a business seeks an intervention to foster positive change within the organisation and what it adds to the market. Tech may facilitate the solution, but it absolutely will not conceive it: once again that is where human creativity cannot be mimicked.


And so it seems all is not lost for the human race: far from it. It is our creativity which set us apart as the dominant species, and it is our enduring creativity which will stave of the threat of machines and technology – not that these innovations (born out of the creativity of humans) should be seen as a threat at all, but simply an improved means to facilitate our creativity. A business that seeks an injection of creativity is a business which can truly excel it its marketplace, and that is why your creativity is your company’s greatest asset, and probably always will be.

Writer and educator Aimee Laurence can be found offering her insights at Boom Essays and Essay Service. She previously worked as an editor and proofreader as well as a blog manager, and can also be found on writing sites such as Assignment Help academic service.

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