Why has Aviator Become so Popular?

If you ask any casino player which is the most popular game in casinos, most will say the Aviator game. Developed by Spribe, this game has taken the world of the iGaming industry by storm. Casino operators have also started integrating this game into their ‘Crash Games’ lobbies.

Aviator  Game

But now the question is, what are the reasons behind the massive hit of this game? Why do new casino players look for the Aviator game whenever they register first to a platform? Well, we will expose the reasons in the article below. And we are quite sure you will also try this game after reading this post.

Simplicity and Uniqueness

Aviator is a game that attracts people who love to play simple games. The gaming rules are straightforward. Placing a bet, waiting for the plane to take off, and then cashing out before the plane crashes—is all that players have to do.

This game does not follow the basic rules of a casino game, as it does not come with features like predetermined odds, pay lines, or classic grids. Thus, it is the best choice for casino beginners who have a low degree of skills.

Can set Autoplay

One of the standout characteristics that makes this popular all around the world is its autoplay feature. With this autoplay, you can set the game to enter into a set wager repeatedly.

You can also extend the wager to a maximum of ten rounds. There is also an option to set an odds limit by which the game will automatically cash out when it reaches the pre-set odds each time.

High RTP Rate

When it comes to earning profits from the casino game, the most important thing is to check the game’s RTP( return to player percentage) rate. On average, players will receive a high payout percentage on their initial bet if the RTP is high enough.

And the aviator game has an impressive RTP rate of 97%. It means it can easily compete with other casino games like blackjack or baccarat, which offer players high RTP.

A highly Interactive Game

In the world of online casinos, an interactive game will be fun to play, especially for those who miss the vibe of physical casinos. You can enjoy the unique chat feature to interact with other Aviator players in the Aviator game.

Players can also explore emojis, GIF packs, and other social media features missing in other casino games. Moreover, by doing this interaction, gamers can share their knowledge with others in order to boost their winning chances.

Available in Crypto Casino Platforms

Another incredible feature of this game is you can play it on crypto casino platforms. The mechanics used in it make it simple for crypto casino operators to introduce this game to their sites.

Easy Access

There is relatively less bandwidth consumption in Aviator compared to most casino games with heavy graphics and bandwidth usage. That means you can access this game on low-budget electric devices that have small RAMs. Moreover, players can also enjoy this game with a low internet connection.

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