Why It’s Easier To Fail As An Electrician Than You Might Think

Electrician: How can you become a successful electrician? How tough is it really to be one? And, why do they tend to fail? Being an electrician isn’t easy

Being an electrician definitely has its obstacles. From electrical wiring to control devices, electricians do a lot and are fading away with time.

So, how can you become a successful electrician? How tough is it really to be one? And, why do they tend to fail? Being an electrician isn’t easy, that’s for sure. It requires special education and a special skill set to be successful!

How to be a Skilful Electrician

Let’s look at the talents and personality traits you’ll certainly need to succeed as an electrician:

How to be a Skilful Electrician

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.” To be a successful and professional electrician, you must apply this quote on a daily basis. There are certain risks involved in being an electrician, however, professionals can find ways to equip themselves with the required skills and knowledge to avoid failure in this profession.

Mechanical Disposition

A mechanical disposition is required, as well as a basic comprehension of mathematics. So, the majority of applicants will need to relearn the maths. But don’t fear the math part since you’ll be learning and improving your mathematics as well as algebra skills along the way as you learn and grow within the job.

Electric work is more physically demanding than you may assume. There can be situations where you will have to crawl, duck, bend over, and walk a ton, so always be prepared for that.


The apprenticeship can be a great opportunity to learn the skills required to be a professional electrician. In high school, you may enroll in some apprenticeship programs. You will be required to work full-time under the supervision of an electrical contractor, and they may offer you classroom training as well for short intervals. This is the best way to get hands-on experience while working in real-time.

Pay attention to the safety training

The risk of getting shocked or seriously injured is also something to consider. Electrical work isn’t exactly the safest, and there’s a chance you could get shocked or seriously injured if the right precautions aren’t taken. An electrical shock (depending on the voltage) can most certainly kill a human if not severely injure them. So, it’s really important to pay attention to proper safety training as this would most certainly be included in your apprenticeship.

Reasons for the failure of electricians

Shockingly, more than 40% of the sole proprietorships and around 30% of the small electrical businesses with a workforce of up to four employees tend to fail within a couple of years of the time they start their business.

Equipped with all required technical skills, every electrician starts the business with a lot of passion and enthusiasm to make their business a success.

How to be a Skilful Electrician

Now, the question is, why are these businesses failing? Keep reading further to find the answer to this question.

Lack of planning

Very well said by Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the electricians. Planning helps in setting up the directions and roadmap regardless of the size of the business. This is how to define the objectives and goals to achieve.

As an electrician or electrical business, you have to consider the following aspects while planning your business:

  • Set the target revenue that you want your business to generate in one year.
  • Identify your tasks and jobs that can be profitable for you.
  • Make use of a mesh banner for advertising that has your eye-catching business logo and brand name to reach your prospective clients in your area.
  • Define the quoting mechanism for the jobs you receive. This ensures that you offer the best price while making a reasonable profit.
  • To ensure your business is on the right track, decide who will conduct the evaluation.

Poor money management

Every individual electrician starts their own business to earn more. However, they end up working 100+ hours a week. Because of the overwork, they experience work and family life imbalance. The culprit is poor money management.

You need to take care of the following aspects to ensure better financial management:

  • At the start of your electrical business, pay attention to sales not the profit.
  • Have a proactive approach to the cash flow.
  • Be careful with quoting the jobs to avoid underquoting.

Lack of processes and systems

Nowadays, everything is at the fingertips of smartphone users. As an electrical business, you must automate all the workflow and money management to ensure you spend time to generate the revenue instead of wasting time worrying about where your money and time was wasted.

Your automated processes and systems will help you:

  • Manage business leads.
  • Generate quotes for new jobs and the invoices for the job done.
  • Time spent on each job assigned to an employee.
  • Market your services with the help of software apps.
  • Manage your accounts.

Apart from the above-mentioned mistakes made by electricians, an electrical business must have a learning mindset. They must offer training to their employees to equip them with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Your business may have a coach or a mentor who must be looking at the progress of your business and your employees on an individual basis. They can definitely guide where you’re making mistakes and what has to be corrected.

On top of that, spend more time marketing yourself through conventional as well as digital marketing techniques. If possible, have separate teams or individuals to carry on different tasks, such as financial management, accounts, marketing, and performing electrical work.

Overall, being a professional electrician is definitely tough and it’s most certainly easy to fail. Considering the skills, training, and talent you need to have, it can be overwhelming and stressful. Still, you can learn and, hopefully, succeed in the trade of electrical work.

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