3 Reasons You Should Have a PDF Reader

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Despite being almost 25 years old, PDF documents are still the most common file format available out there. We have not been able to find a better option to store our documents and files as and from how things are moving, it doesn’t look like PDF will get replaced in the near future as it is still among the best file formats and is used all around the world.

PDF readers have become a must-have for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a student, an ebook reader or an entrepreneur a PDF reader is an essential tool for your mobile or laptop. Most people now share PDF data which makes it important to have a reliable PDF reader so that you have no issues in working on your files.

While the PDF readers in the past were mainly dedicated to create and edit the documents, today’s software offer much more than that.

If you do not have a PDF tool already installed on your device then it is time to make a move. Let’s have a look at three reasons to give PDF readers a try:

#1 Annotate Files

Annotations are comments, notes, remarks or explanation you can leave on your document.

They are generally used to give the receiver an idea and better understanding of the document.

For instance, you can annotate files to brief your employees about their task. Also, you can explain a certain part of the document by using this feature. It is really helpful as annotations remove the risk of confusion.

#2 Support multiple digital files

With the increased use of other digital devices, a PDF reader is not limited to laptops or desktop computers anymore. Most PDF readers now support mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. Find a tool that supports your device and you will have nothing to worry about.

This diversity of platforms has made PDF readers more flexible and easy to use. However, to get the most out of it you should choose a PDF reader that provides all the latest options.

Our favorite tool is Soda PDF available for download for free at https://www.sodapdf.com/split-pdf/, It works on a variety of devices and is free to use with a paid version that offers more features.

#3 Security and file sharing

PDF readers are not only popular in the corporate sector, they are also widely used by students, individuals, and even small startups. The reason behind their huge popularity is their ease of use, advanced security and file sharing features.

For example, the cloud storage feature of Soda PDF allows you to access your documents whenever you need them. You can easily share files with your friends and colleagues without worrying about any security related problems.

Some other security features found on most reliable PDF readers include:

  • Password protection.
  • File access control including the facility to apply customized restrictions on file sharing, editing, deleting and copying files.

Now that you know why PDF readers are so popular, it’s time to get the right tool.

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