Securing Your E-commerce Business: Why You Should Consider Involving A Law Firm To Your E-commerce Company

Business: It‘s an undeniable fact that today huge and profitable business opportunities lie behind the online presence and well-designed websites. The major reason for this is the opportunity to reach a large scale audience in an instant. The Internet has built bridges between the products/services and customers from all across the globe. However, entrepreneurs and wholesalers face challenging legal issues – consumer and data protection, copyrights, etc. The ignorance of these factors sooner or later will end up resulting in failure and bankruptcy. But the business can thrive and prosper with a business law firm in Lithuania. Read further to learn more.

Privacy and security

In the digital world, knowing too little can be disastrous as it might lead to reckless and thoughtless actions. Being responsible for workers and customer data also requires knowledge about the information that can be shared and can not online. Rapidly changing, these rules and regulations are often hard to follow as it demands specialized knowledge. Also, it‘s important to note that regulations vary depending on the country a company sells or provides services to.

In fact, “Cybercrime Magazine“ has predicted that retail will be one of the 10 most attacked industries in 2020-2022. A business law firm in Lithuania can advise on such significant matters as data security, data loss prevention, global data transfer, privacy, direct marketing, financial transactions and many more. Exposing confidential data online is like a bait to cybercriminals who wait for opportunities – when they get one, an attack is inevitable as well as a company‘s ruined reputation.

Trademarks and copyright

Copyright and trademarks are of utter importance because handling it in a wrong manner can result in terrible financial losses for a company. Law firms ensure the company‘s rights to all of the content it creates online. Additionally, a law firm can take care of copyright licenses when borrowing other peoples‘ content and help to avoid legal issues.

A business law firm in Lithuania provides advice on the formation and management of intellectual property (IP) portfolio, its registration, representation before offices, consultations on related rights, computer programs and more issues. Also, law firm advises on the defense of the IP rights, constructs warning letters, communicates with infringers, helps to tackle unfair competition and solve the disputes.

Tax issues

Selling equals paying taxes and every country has its own standards and expectations related to this subject. To avoid enormous fines, taxes should be taken seriously and research must be conducted in order to understand the market. For instance, New York taxes clothing while in Britain VAT applies to all non-essential goods.

One should keep in mind that the above-mentioned regulations are constantly changing. And this is one of the reasons why a business law firm in Lithuania is essential to your e-commerce company. A law firm stays ahead of changing tax laws and deliver practical and clear solutions to the tax issues.

Technology changes – the law changes

As technology changes, so does the law changes. If a company is not fully prepared for it, it becomes exposed to legal risks. Hiring a law firm means you are always keeping up with the constantly changing laws in the business world at the same time taking into consideration workers and consumers. The broad expertise of a business law firm in Lithuania will smooth over the growth of your e-commerce company and will surely prevent from a future failure.

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