3 Important Things You Must Know about Wireless iPhone Charging

Wireless iPhone charging

Apple comes up with new iPhone models every now and then. That is because of the innovative technology and design that the giant corporation embraces when it comes to its new product launches. The iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes with wireless charging. Now, that makes your life simpler because you can toss your phone anywhere instead of plugging the device to an electrical wall socket. Wireless charging is super convenient when at home. You can charge your phone on the desk, nightstand beside your bed, hall coffee table, or anywhere you, please. However, there are other benefits of iPhone wireless charging besides the obvious ones. Read this article to learn more.

1. Multiple charging of devices 

Convenience is the word when it comes to iPhone wireless chargers. It not only charges your phone but also all the essential accessories, which are charge-pad enabled.

Things get super easy for you. Apple also states that in the future the company will launch AirPods with AirPower-enabled holders that let you drop the device onto the charging pad. It is that convenient and interesting. Wireless charging is the right choice for small accessories. Just imagine a charging pad in your desk drawer.

All you need to do is toss your phone’s backup batteries for storage purpose and the batteries will be fully charged when you need them the most. You will require one charger for many devices. Gone are the days when you had to unplug your smartphone to charge another family member’s device. You can shop for Apple charger India and choose the one that best suits your needs.

2. Secured and omnipresent  

Never plug your device to an unknown cable. You do not know what malware may be hiding out there. Dropping your phone to a charging mat is safe.

Today, iPhone supports mats, and they are omnipresent in restaurants, hotels, and other places. The omnipresence of charging stations will change the way you work. There is no need to carry a backup battery when you are traveling. Simply drop your iPhone on any charging mat in a public place. It will trickle the power into your phone as long as you are in a hotel lobby or airport lounge. When it comes to charging mats, they will become as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi in cafes. Wireless charging pads are in now, making cables obsolete. So if you have an advanced iPhone model, ditch your cable charger and switch to a wireless one.

3. Less wear and tear on cables

People will use less of cables when wireless chargers flood the market. When it comes to the wear and tear of cables, it will amount to zero with the widespread use of wireless iPhone chargers. Once you start charging your phone with a wireless device, your job is done. There is no need to plug and unplug your phone repeatedly to fray electric connection between your plug and lightning cable.


When a friend comes to your place and wants to charge his phone, he need not even ask. He would simply drop his phone on the charging mat. Super easy, right?

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