Why WordPress is Game Changer for Your E-Commerce Website

WordPress- a popular content management system- has long ceased to be a simple platform for creating blogs. Initially, people were sceptical about using WordPress to create E-commerce sites. Because of the WooCommerce plugin, everything has changed dramatically. Now, it is considered one of the most powerful CMS for creating online stores. A good number of entrepreneurs and companies use WordPress to develop shopping portals. Their numbers are increasing rapidly with each passing day. Let’s have a look at some main reasons behind this trend:

1. Free and Open Source Platform

We all know that running an E-commerce website is an expensive affair. Entrepreneurs need to spend a lot of money on purchasing software licence, themes, plugins, firewall and maintain a team of expensive professionals to run the website successfully. It is not feasible for entrepreneurs with a restricted budget. So, WordPress is a boon for them. It is a free and open source platform for all. Anyone can install WordPress totally free of cost from its official website and start creating his/her E-commerce website. WordPress has a large community of active users. So, you can seek technical help from them while creating an E-commerce site. It gives great financial respite to you.

2. Pre-made Themes and Plugins

Pre-made themes and plugins make E-commerce website development work easier. You can find numerous free and premium themes and plugins for your future E-commerce site powered by WordPress. Pick a good theme and start creating your online shopping portal. You can customize the theme as per your needs to make your site look more appealing and beautiful.

You may also get a dedicated theme created by a competent WordPress development firm in exchange for a fixed price and make your shopping portal stand out of the crowd. Pre-made WordPress plugins help to add additional features and functionalities to your website without writing lots of code. This helps to speed up the website development work up to a great extent which gives a competitive advance in the E-commerce world. Do proper research and analysis to find suitable plugins for your website. Never use dubious plugins created by unreliable developers.

3. No Technical Ifs and Buts

Magento, another popular E-commerce platform, is famous for its technical complexity. Only a tech-individual with a vast knowledge of website building, optimization and maintenance skills can manage an E-commerce website powered by Magento. If you happen to be an entrepreneur with no sound technical background, you need to hire professional Magento experts to run and manage your website. You don’t face such issues with WordPress websites. Both technical, as well as, non-technical individuals can run WordPress websites. You just need to have the basic knowledge of computer operation, internet user, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS to create and run WordPress websites. Because of the low learning curve, it is quite popular among a large number of online entrepreneurs all over the world.

4. High Degree of Search Engine Optimization


In today’s highly competitive business world, the demand for SEO-friendly websites is increasing by leaps and bounds. An SEO-friendly site is easily scanned by search bots, indexed by search engines into their databases and shown in the top search results. There are many website developers who have limited command over different SEO factors (such as H1-H6 Tags, Meta Descriptions, ALT attributes, etc,).

So, they ignore these aspects while creating websites and end up creating a website which doesn’t follow the SEO rules mandated by Google. Such websites create problems in SEO and other promotional activities and its owner may experience losses in the business. Fortunately, WordPress has several pre-installed SEO features. So, developers can easily create SEO-friendly E-commerce websites. Moreover, SEO Plugins make E-commerce website optimization work easier. So, you become able to generate tangible results in the E-commerce business.

5. Multiple Customization Options

The visual appearance and ease-of-use are the two most important factors that determine the success of any E-commerce brand. Regular online shoppers are extremely dexterous. They come to your website and in a few seconds, they decide to stay or leave the site. So, WordPress website customization is very important to get the desired success in the E-commerce business. Using the available customization options, you can customize your website and manage its colour combination, CTA buttons, navigation, images, slides, etc. It’s prudent to avail the benefits of WordPress custom theme development services. They not only create a dedicated theme for your website but also customize your site to make it stand out from the crowd.

6. WordPress Multisite

When you make progress in the E-commerce business and see a sharp rise in the customer’s expectations from your brand, you feel the need to create a new website. This is not feasible for many website owners as it will require a massive investment and hiring a team of expert digital marketing professionals. WordPress multisite is a solution to this problem. It allows you to run multiple websites from one backend. This helps to expand your E-commerce brand, server a large number of customers in different geographical locations and earn handsome money every day.

7. Frequent Updates

While using WordPress, you get numerous notifications from time-to-time to update the CMS, themes and plugins. As an E-commerce entrepreneur, you must know that regular online shoppers prefer up-to-date, well-maintained and safe websites to purchase the desired stuff. WordPress is a perfect fit in this regard. You don’t need to toil a lot to protect your website and thwart frequent hacking attempts.

8. Adaptation for Mobile Devices

These days, online shoppers like to purchase the desired products using mobile devices. So, all E-commerce websites should be responsive to different mobile devices. It is a necessary precondition to obtain a higher rank on Google & attract users to your website. With the help of plugins, themes, and professional WordPress developers, you can make your E-commerce site responsive devices.

9. Full Control on Content Marketing

The better you perform in content marketing; the more business opportunities are likely to come in your way. Leading search engines always like to give the best results to Internet users. WordPress is an ideal platform for content marketing. It helps to create SEO-friendly content, track errors, see the placement of keywords in advertising materials, and readability. You can make improvements in your content by following the suggestions made by WordPress SEO tools. It also allows you to schedule the publication of posts on the site and reap its economic benefits.

Final Words

WordPress is an ideal platform for small and medium-scale business organizations. They can use it to create and run a feature-rich E-commerce website & generate handsome income. E-commerce websites powered by WordPress CMS are easier to handle and maintain. So, take your online business to the WordPress platform with the help of WordPress development firm & leave your competitors behind in online business. Best of Luck!

About Author:

Emily Johns is a web developer and IT consultant at WordSuccor, A WordPress CMS Development Company. She is dived through open-source code for over a decade and share everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies. You can find her on Twitter!

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