Considering Different Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

When people are looking for the wordpress hosting plans, it might be quite confusing to make the best choice especially because there are several terms of hosting plans that can be found. Several types of hosting plans are available for WordPress. It must be difficult to determine the best hosting plans if people do not have a proper understanding of each type of hosting plan. Each type of hosting plan has its specifications that might be the most suitable for different users. That is why it is better to know better each hosting plan available for WordPress so people will not regret their decision. After that, people can measure the hosting plan from its scalability, security, support, and reputation. Those are keys to finding the best hosting plans for WordPress.

Shared Hosting Plans

The first type of wordpress hosting plans is a shared hosting plan. From its name, people might have an imagination about the way this hosting plan will work. Yes, when people choose using shared hosting plans, it means that they will be one of many users that share the same server. At first, people might think that this kind of hosting plan might not be a great choice. Because the server is split for several users, security issues might appear. Nevertheless, some benefits actually can be offered by this shared hosting plan. People who are looking for the budget hosting plan surely will find that a shared hosting plan is an affordable option. There is no doubt that sharing servers for more than one website will mean that the payment can be shared as well. That is why this type of hosting plan will be offered at a low price. Another great benefit of a shared hosting plan is the easiness to set it up. Using the shared hosting plan is usually simple. People even can find the host that sets up WordPress for the users. If people are building their first website, a shared hosting plan can be a perfect choice. It is also great for people who want to build their website slowly. The great thing from this hosting plan is that every host usually will offer this type of hosting plan.

Virtual Private Server Plans

A virtual private server plan is the next type of wordpress hosting plans that can be chosen. It is a little bit similar to a shared hosting plan because users will share a single server. However, each user of a virtual private server plan will have their own virtual space. This hosting plan has its benefits. People can see each VPS as its own computer. It means that there is no need to share resources with other users. Several configuration aspects can be customized for each VPS. The customization that can be done including choosing the operating system and the power amount. Although the VPS plan is considered more expensive than a shared hosting plan, this option is still considerably cheap. Two types of VPS plans are available including the managed and unmanaged one. The managed one will be perfect for people who do not want to configure a lot while the unmanaged VPS plan will be great for people who have expertise in the configuration.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud hosting plans are quite different from previous wordpress hosting plans. This plan offers VPS but several servers are used for distributing each virtual machine. Through this system, users will be benefited since the stability can be ensured thanks to several servers that keep balancing the machine. The scalability of this hosting plan will be superb as well because the VPS was drawn from several servers. Although this hosting plan is considered new in the hosting world, a cloud hosting plan can be chosen as a middle option between the VPS plan and the dedicated server plan. It has quite stable performance at a price that is cheaper than the dedicated server plan.

Dedicated Server Plans

Last but not least, we definitely must not forget about the dedicated server plan. This hosting plan might be the strongest and most expensive option of WordPress hosting plans. It is a dedicated server plan that means that users do not have to share a server with other users. People will get the benefit of dedicated resources just like the VPS plan but they will get the hardware with more robust performance. Because the server will be used by one user only, it means people can be free to customize. Of course, the dedicated server plan will mean that it can ensure the scalability. No matter how far the website will expand, it can still run at its top performance with dedicated server plans.

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