How to Recover Virus-infected Excel File

Are you having a problem with the MS Excel file that has been infected with a virus infection? Then this article provides solutions for the how-to recover virus infected Excel file issue. Follow us from the top to end and the desired solutions to recover virus-infected files.

MS Excel is a well-known and widely used Microsoft Office suite program. This is used to perform different tasks. With this program, one can easily perform complex calculations. This is used for both personal and professional life. This is a very common program, but there are many instances where Excel file gets corrupted and could not access the Excel file.

Virus attack is the main reason for many users ‘ issues and errors. The system is affected by the virus makes data inaccessible to the users. So it becomes more important to recover data infected by viruses as soon as it happens. Now, we are going to tell you more about it in detail.

Virus-infected Excel File

How to recover Virus infected files with Manual Measures?

There are several manual ways to repair the corrupted excel file as given below:

Solution 1: Open Corrupt Excel files with Open Office

Open Office is an open-source Office suite that is capable of opening and saving Excel files. So, you can open the corrupt or damaged Excel file in Open Office.

Solution 2: Using a Repair method

If the MS Excel does not automatically start the File Recovery mode, try to repair the Excel file infected with the Repair method manually. To do so, take the following steps:

  • Hit on the Microsoft Office Button Open.
  • Select the corrupt Excel file that you want to open in the Open dialog box.
  • Press the arrow next to the Open tab >>Open and Repair
  • Run one of the following:
  • Hit on the Repair tab. (this can recover more data of Excel file)
  • Press the Extract Data tab. (this will only extract values and formulas from the Excel file.)

Solution 3: Open the damaged Excel file by SYLK Method

Open the Excel file and save it in SYLK format afterwards. The damaged elements can be filtered through this. After that, to fix and restore the infected Excel XLS or XLSX file, delete the filtered components.

Solution 4: Open Damaged Excel files by HTML method

To find the solution for “how to recover virus infected Excel file” issue, open and save the Excel file in HTML format. The damaged components can be filtered through this. The filtered-out components can then be discarded.

Solution 5: Testing assumptions

If you’re told by Microsoft Office that your Excel file is corrupt and you can’t open it, you’d probably think so. However, there may be other issues as well, i.e. there may be some primary issues in your Office application. Therefore, if you face problems when opening an Excel document, then try opening the other document to check if all Excel files have the problem. You can even try and create, save and reopen a new Excel document. If other Excel files perform well, it means that only the document in question is bad.

If the problem is with Office itself, on the other hand, a ‘ repair installation ‘ will fix the problem. You should try to repair the current installation in such a case. In Windows 7, for example, do the following:

  • Visit “Control Panel”.
  • Uninstall the program or application
  • Select Office.
  • Hit on Change and finally choose the Repair button.
  • The entire Office program can be reinstalled. Instead, try opening the file to see if the problem is fixed and restoring the Excel file.

Solution 6: Using Volume Shadow Copy Method

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, the built-in shadow copy may have an older, non-corrupted Excel file that is now affected. Do the following to find out solutions for “how to recover corrupted excel file” concern:

    • Initially, launch ‘Explorer’ and then right-click the folder in which the file is saved.

Go to ‘Properties.’

  • If you find the tab ‘ Previous Versions’ after doing so, then click it. And if all is well, a list of entries will be shown for the tab, going back days or weeks.

SHADOW: A backup or copy of your Excel file may have been provided by Windows OS. Double-click one here with a date you know the file could be read and accessed. Then try to open the older version of it. If it gets open, save it with a new name and use new folder entries to execute the process. You’d have to repeat the process until you reach the point of damage to the file. You’ll get a basic version of the file with this, but data may still have been lost.

These all are the manual solutions to recover virus-infected files and repair the corrupted excel files manually.


We have provided all the essential manual ways to solve “how to recover virus infected Excel file” concern manually. You will surely find the damaged Excel file repaired after performing any one of the methods.

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